Gonzales' Hershall Bergeron Interview

Hershall Bergeron of Bergeron’s Boudin & Cajun Meats welcomed Darren James of Darren James & Associates to the Gonzales location.
Hershall proudly shared his blessings of being in Ascension Parish with incredible investors and a great staff. His passion of providing unique flavors and products at Bergeron’s Boudin & Cajun Meats in Gonzales, which is under new management. Hershall’s passion was on full display when he described some of the best selling items. The BBQ Chicken and Ribs, the 415 – Fried Fish topped with shrimp cream sauce and the Averie – Boneless Fried Chicken Breast topped with swiss cheese & seafood etouffee to just name a few.

Darren first met Hershall at The Taste of Tiger Tailgating at the Lamar Dixon Center in 2019. He said the food was unbelievable, and learned about their business in Gonzales, LA.

Listen now to hear how Hershall got started, and his overall passion for this business.