Served Hot!

Served Hot!

*market & deli items vary per location

Meat Pies
Traditional Louisiana meat pies fried and ready to eat!

Crawfish Pies
Traditional crawfish pie. (Like a meat pie with a crawfish etouffee like stuffing)

Crawfish Pistolettes
Traditional crawfish pistolettes. A sweet roll stuffed with a crawfish etouffee like stuffing and deep fried.

BBQ Beef Sandwich
homemade bbq beef sandwich, served on a sour dough bun.

Boudin Balls
Our homemade boudin rolled in a ball, battered and fried! A definite best seller.

Homemade freshly cooked pig skin that is deep fried and seasoned! One of our biggest sellers! Its priced by the pound but you can get any amount!

Smoked Chicken Wings
If you haven’t had these your missing out! We season and smoke our cajun wings fresh every day! We keep them warm and they are hard resist! (Priced by the pound)