Free Boudin Balls!

Free Boudin Balls!

That’s right! Get two FREE Boudin Balls for giving blood at the LifeShare Blood Center’s Blood Drive which will take place on June 19, 2020 from 2 pm – 6 pm at #Bergerons_Shreveport!

Our area blood supply is at dangerously low levels and your donation is very important! With the cancellation of hundreds of blood drives, #LifeShareBloodCenter is relying on YOU to give the #GiftofLife.

All blood donations will benefit the 28 hospitals and treatment centers in Northwest Louisiana. Your donation could help someone you know!

Be assured that LifeShare continues to practice social distancing at all blood drives, including additional space between donor beds, enhanced and more frequent cleanings, and the use of mask or face shields by all staff working with donors.

So come on all you #BergeronsBoudin lovers! Let’s make it happen! Be a HERO!
CLICK HERE to schedule your donation!

Please eat a solid meal, drink plenty of water (no caffeine) before donating, and don’t forget to bring your picture ID.

Thank you, in advance!

Bergeron’s Boudin and Cajun Meats of Shreveport